01 coming to your bar2
Everyone loves trivia and quiz nights, now PubTrivia brings all the fun of team trivia to your bar or pub.
We will make yours the most competitive, challenging and fun night in your area!

No expensive electronics to buy or rent. No hassles developing new quizzes or promotional materials...
we do it all for you!

For years we have been providing the best trivia and quiz nights in numerous bars and pubs around the globe and now the fun is coming to your bar or pub. Read on to get the scoop!

02 how does it work?
"How does it work?", you ask. Okay, okay! We'll tell ya! here are the basics:
You provide a host (aka quiz master), a p.a. system (not necessary in small pubs), and inexpensive food and/or drink prizes. We'll provide the quiz package, full color promo posters and the simple time-tested formula that we have established to make your quiz night run smoothly and maximize effectiveness!

Then you keep bending your guests brains with our challenging quiz packs while they enjoy the challenge (and food and drinks!). All at a leisurely pace for maximum effectiveness (more on that in your special tips and hints guide).

All this, and much more, at a low cost per quiz pack!

03 be sure to get in on the action
Don't miss all the fun, excitement, and thrills! The PubTrivia quiz night has been proven to transform once-slow nights into some of the busiest nights of the week which will increase your sales and traffic.

You can order quiz packs easy as ABC. Just visit our webshop by clicking here, choose a quiz pack of your choice, pay and download it instantly!

Remember, for a small fee per quiz pack you can get all you need to host our trivia challenge!