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As of 2020[update], it is the 8th-most populated country in Asia and the 13th-most populated country in the world. [338][339], The Philippines has a democratic government in the form of a constitutional republic with a presidential system. [292] Around 37% of the population regularly attend Mass. [231], The average yearly temperature is around 26.6 °C (79.9 °F). Poland: Neighbouring Countries. [52], In 1521, Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the area, claimed the islands for Spain, and was then killed at the Battle of Mactan. [573][574][575], Philippine cinema began at the end of the 19th century,[576] and made up around 20% of the domestic market during the second half of the 20th century. [536] Rock music was introduced to Filipinos in the 1960s, and developed into Filipino rock, or "Pinoy rock", a term encompassing diverse styles such as pop rock, alternative rock, heavy metal, punk, new wave, ska, and reggae. [147] There have been signs of progress since. Maka-Diyos, Maka-Tao, Makakalikasan at Makabansa, Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines, exile of the revolutionary leadership to Hong Kong, History of the Philippines (1986–present), exclusive economic zone of the Philippines, List of threatened species of the Philippines, fled the persecutions of Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, world's third largest Roman Catholic population, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, mutual defense treaty between the two countries, Department of the Interior and Local Government, Administrative divisions of the Philippines, Agriculture employs 23% of the Filipino workforce, Science and technology in the Philippines, science and technology-related projects in the Philippines, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, telecommunications services throughout the country, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, Water supply and sanitation in the Philippines, Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation, American-led boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics, DepEd adds 7 languages to mother tongue-based education for Kinder to Grade 3, "The Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines – GOVPH", "East Asia/Southeast Asia :: Philippines — The World Factbook – Central Intelligence Agency", United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, "Highlights of the Philippine Population 2015 Census of Population", "Which side of the road do they drive on? [501][502] Cebu Pacific is the countries leading low-cost carrier. [99]:145–147 In 1897, the Pact of Biak-na-Bato brought about the exile of the revolutionary leadership to Hong Kong. Bounded by the South China Sea to the west, the Philippine Sea to the east, and the Celebes Sea to the southwest, the Philippines shares maritime borders with Taiwan to the north, Japan to the northeast, Palau to the east, Indonesia to the south, Malaysia and Brunei to the southwest, Vietnam to the west, and China to the northwest. [117][118] Allied troops defeated the Japanese in 1945. [335][336][337] The University of Santo Tomas, established in 1611, has the oldest extant university charter in the Philippines and Asia. [48] The early polities were typically made up of three-tier social structure: a nobility class, a class of "freemen", and a class of dependent debtor-bondsmen. [157][158] In 2015, a clash which took place in Mamasapano, Maguindanao killed 44 members of the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force, resulting in efforts to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law reaching an impasse. [591] The national martial art and sport of the country is Arnis. [25][26] The oldest modern human remains found on the islands are from the Tabon Caves of Palawan, U/Th-dated to 47,000 ± 11–10,000 years ago. [352], As a founding and active member of the United Nations,[353] the country has been elected to the Security Council. Forests for poverty alleviation: the response of academic institutions in the Philippines, "SE Asia faces 'catastrophic' extinction rate", "III. Caring about what others will think, say or do, are strong influences on social behavior among Filipinos. [84][85], In the 19th century, Philippine ports opened to world trade and shifts started occurring within Filipino society. [252] According to the 2010 census, 24.4% of Filipinos are Tagalog, 11.4% Visayans/Bisaya (excluding Cebuano, Hiligaynon and Waray), 9.9% Cebuano, 8.8% Ilocano, 8.4% Hiligaynon, 6.8% Bikol, 4% Waray, and 26.2% are "others",[6][253] which can be broken down further to yield more distinct non-tribal groups like the Moro, the Kapampangan, the Pangasinense, the Ibanag, and the Ivatan. CS1 maint: bot: original URL status unknown (. Distance Calculator – How far is it? [526] Adarna, for example, is a famous epic about an eponymous magical bird allegedly written by José de la Cruz or "Huseng Sisiw". No matter how many miles are between you, it’s no match for the love that’s in your heart. The distance between Dyersburg TN and San Francisco CA is 2193 miles. (July 2009). Rizal was eventually executed on December 30, 1896, on charges of rebellion. [292] A 2014 survey by Gallup International Association reported that 21% of its respondents identify as "not a religious person". [509][510] The Pasig River Ferry serves the cities of Manila, Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasig and Marikina in Metro Manila. In 2009, there were an estimated 90,370 physicians or 1 per every 833 people, 480,910 nurses and 43,220 dentists. This map shows the distance from Taipei,Taiwan to Philippines. [592][593] Sabong or cockfighting is another popular entertainment especially among Filipino men, and was documented by Magellan's voyage as a pastime in the kingdom of Taytay. [556], Unlike many Asians, most Filipinos do not eat with chopsticks; they use Western cutlery. How far is Philippines from the equator and on what hemisphere is it? [500] Philippine Airlines is Asia's oldest commercial airline still operating under its original name. This identity shift was driven by wealthy families of mixed ancestry, for which it developed into a national identity. [208] The largest crocodile in captivity, known locally as Lolong, was captured in the southern island of Mindanao,[209] and died on February 10, 2013 from pneumonia and cardiac arrest. [292] Protestants were 10.8% of the population in 2010. The Philippines has an area of around 300,000 km2 (120,000 sq mi) with a population of around 109 million people. [29][30] This population assimilated with the existing Negritos resulting in the modern Filipino ethnic groups which display various ratios of genetic admixture between Austronesian and Negrito groups. The Moluccas and Sulawesi are located to the south-southwest and Palau is located to the east of the islands. [553][554], Regional variations exist throughout the islands, for example rice is a standard starch in Luzon while cassava is more common in Mindanao. [594], Beginning in 1924, the Philippines has competed in every Summer Olympic Games, except when they participated in the American-led boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics. In the 2020 budget, education was allocated PHP17.1 billion from the PHP4.1 trillion budget. World Bank. [485][486], Despite wider historical use, rail transport in the Philippines is extremely limited, being confined to transporting passengers within Metro Manila and neighboring Laguna, with a separate short track in the Bicol Region. [475], Transportation in the Philippines is facilitated by road, air, rail and waterways. Use the Distance calculator given … Maps, Appendices, Notes, Bibliography, Index", "The Archaeology of Pericolonialism: Responses of the "Unconquered" to Spanish Conquest and Colonialism in Ifugao, Philippines", "Dissolution of Manila-Mexico Architectural Connections between 1784 and 1810", "Astilleros: the Spanish shipyards of Sorsogon", "Grupos éthnicos y Clases sociales en las Filipinas de Finales del Siglo XVIII", "Chapter 1 – Intertwined Histories in the Pacific", "Filipino-Mexican-Central-and-South American Connection, Tales of Two Sisters: Manila and Mexico", "The Diversity and Reach of the Manila Slave Market", "The Igorot as Other: Four Discourses from the Colonial Period", "The Role of José Nepomuceno in the Philippine Society: What language did his silent film speaks? Located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines are home to 24 active volcanoes, which is defined as having erupted within the last 600 years. [23], There is evidence of early hominins living in what is now the Philippines as early as 709,000 years ago. Florante S. Solmerin, December 7, 2013, Manila Standard. 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