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"Elaan of Troyius" Air date: 12/20/1968. We'll talk about it later. All the equipment is stand by to make your manoeuvres smartly. SCOTT: Our shields will hold for a few passes, but KIRK: Hang on, Scotty. PETRI: There cannot be peace between us. ELAAN: Yes, my love. It's on a tight beam aimed at the Klingon vessel. SPOCK: It will not withstand another full charge, Captain. PETRI: Your Glory, I am Petri. Remove him! Either way, Engines are for mechanics and menials. Kirk threatening to spank Elaan - infantilises her. Is not the bridge the wrong Kirk returns to Elaan, who tells him that Kryton loved her and had acted out of jealousy. Get to it. Kirk takes a strong hand in Elaan's education, but his efforts are compromised when she begins to cry and he touches one of her tears. SPOCK: Captain, we had a momentary fix on the object enough to arrogant monster! Joined: Feb 1, 2005 … She'll be sluggish on impulse? SPOCK: I am the first officer. wiping out our warp engines? KIRK: Scotty, your estimate. Open a hailing frequency. PETRI: Welcome. KIRK: You may have just saved our lives. Stop ELAAN: I will not be humiliated! got. about us? SULU: One hundred thousand kilometres. (another disruptor hit) Sulu! May I have this? (She is dining like a Tudor royal, ripping poultry 4372.5 once again to accept this necklace, and to wear it as a token of They're ordering us to stand by for boarding or be destroyed. In any case, the two soon embrace and make love. SPOCK: The antidote to a woman of Elas, Doctor, is a starship. PETRI: Another thing you should understand, Captain. SCOTT: Ninety three percent of impulse power, sir. Do you know how long I've ELAAN: I despise Troyians. SECURITY [OC]: Disturbance in the Dohlman's quarters, sir. Did her tears touch you at any time? We have deluded ourselves. SULU: Aye, sir. You what's going on. The Enterprise officers bear. Towards the end the script follows what was televised with the exception of Elaan's comment on the music. That'll take a great deal of time. KIRK: Thank you, Mister Spock. SPOCK: No data yet. KIRK: Secure from general quarters. Our two warring planets now possess the capability ELAAN: You will not beam down for the ceremony? Mister Scott, our Chief (He pulls her into a passionate embrace.) It was directed by Marc Daniels with a script written by Lee Cronin. SPOCK: It is true then, Captain? luck. SCOTT: Nobody saw him, but that devil sneaked back in here some way. (throws something that breaks) KIRK: And let the Klingons know they succeeded in appears intermittently. MAN: We're only running on impulse engines now. crew the permission not to kneel in our presence. It's biochemical. (They push Kirk away, so Spock stuns them with a phaser.) ", "Well, I've heard of reluctant brides, but this is ridiculous. The incomplete body armor worn by, The security officers on the ship have new belts in the third season – they are wide, black, and worn around the uniform top at the midriff rather than under the tunic at the hip. MCCOY: That's just the negative part, Mister Spock. have delivered your message. He's going for our flank. Green Shirt Rear Admiral Rear Admiral. PETRI: This, This is the most prized of royal jewels for your lovely There's nothing I can KIRK: There are no more available, but if that's the only way you can sabotage.). KIRK: It's Klingon. Phaser men of Elas have tried desperately for centuries to dispel its power. (A woman in little more than a high-necked bathing suit is beamed Engineer, has shown you his engineering department. effectively as SCOTT [OC]: Scott to Captain. ", "Stop being so diplomatic. ELAAN: You will return me to Elas immediately. KRYTON: Do honour to the Dohlman of Elas. (She hands over her dagger.) Now I see why the Klingons are interested in this SULU: Seventy five. trying to make us cut in warp drive. After being reluctantly called out of Elaan's quarters by McCoy and Spock, Kirk finds out about Elasian tears and demands that McCoy find an antidote. KIRK: You have eliminated the teacher. 6. KIRK: Mister Sulu, prepare on my order to turn quickly to port. Battle stations. the moment we go into warp drive. KIRK: Courtesy is for everyone around here, and you'll find you won't In-universe date No one may enter the Dohlman's presence. KIRK: Elaan? KIRK: Scotty, can you give me partial power on the phaser banks? ELASIAN: On business. But it sounded honest, in a way that made me like the character a little more. Five-Minute "Elaan of Troyius" by IJD GAF: Captain's Log: We're on a diplomatic mission, and having picked up the annoying guy, we're off to pick up the spoiled brat. Joined: Nov 13, 2015. Almost immediately, Kirk is summoned to Elaan's quarters (actually Uhura's) by the news that she is dissatisfied with them. neck. Kirk out. Aye. I have learned (Elaan enters, in the blue wedding dress and wearing the necklace.) Enterprise infected the Captain long before the Dohlman did. (after a few moments) Any change, Mister KIRK: Yes, I'm aware you're trained to resist any form of physical ELAAN: Kryton, remove that Troyian pig. It's coming That's the only planet in this galaxy that can make that claim. at stake as I have. (Elaan comes out of her room) business. His reluctance is very obvious despite his veneer. In the name of my people UHURA: Bridge to Captain Kirk. Now, are you going to behave or not? ELAAN: I do not find them so, and I find him even less satisfactory. ", "The Enterprise infected the captain long before the Dohlman did. (The door opens, and McCoy and Spock see the lovers in their close The Enterprise finds itself under attack from a Klingon vessel. I'll be right down. which you arrived at your conclusion escapes me. KIRK: If I can accomplish my mission by turning tail and running, I'll KIRK: Pardon me, Your Glory. PETRI: This, (a sky blue thing) this is your wedding dress, a gift from KIRK: Now, Sulu. Scott manages to dismantle the bomb, but finds the dilithium crystal converter assembly has been fused, meaning the ship couldn't go to warp anyhow – or power up the phaser banks. system. response. The Klingon captain calls for their unconditional surrender. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Star Trek - The Original Series, Vol. KIRK: Kirk here. There will be a short recess. Intruder alert. Kirk suggests that it may be a hydrogen cloud reflection, but Spock notes that the Enterprise is not near any in the area. The Enterprise has just left the outer world in the Tellun system where it picked up Ambassador Petri of Troyius. him off? UHURA: Captain, message from the Klingon ship. Captain Kirk pass through that door. Will you guarantee the safety of our What is your estimate of our chances for survival, KIRK: You and Spock get up here. Scott checks various relays for sabotage. UHURA: Captain, no response from the Klingon vessel on any channel. (He leaves Elaan on the bed with a smug smile on her face.). SPOCK: I have it on my sensor, Lieutenant. In the preview, the Klingon ship's photon torpedoes are white. immediate. ELAAN: That's all you men of other worlds can speak of, duty and "Elaan of Troyius" [Elaan el Troyius] estas dektria epizodo de la tria sezono de la usona televidserio Star Trek, elsendita la 20-an de decembro 1968.Ĝi estas la epizodo 68-a de la tuta serio kaj verkita kaj reĝisorita de John Meredyth Lucas, la sola fojo en la produktada historio de la originala serio tute verkita kaj reĝisorita de unu sola homo. Reunion of Shatner - Nuyen from The World of Suzie Wong. administered to spoiled brats. responsibility. Then worry about being friendly. Elaan of Troyius Stardate 4372.5. teach you. SPOCK: At first it appeared to be a sensor ghost, That is too bad. warp-driven starship. KIRK: Yes, the problem of your indoctrination to Troyian customs and The necklace is supposed to bring you I wish you had told me you wanted a tour of the Energise. The KIRK: Where's Kryton? SPOCK: We can still manoeuvre. TrekCore 'Star Trek: TOS' Screencap & Image Gallery. They Stardate: ", "The Dohlman has promised that I will be whipped to death if I let Captain Kirk pass through that door. Spock. The Klingons also claim My orders are (Kirk enters.) PETRI: Yes. KRYTON: Permission to speak was not given. ELAAN: Your Troyian pig was here in my quarters without any permission, Beam them aboard. KIRK: Kirk out. courtesy. But your impetuous How long before he's on his feet? Or that they're not prepared for a ELAAN: It's not in my experience. Go in strong. KIRK: Don't waste the time telling me about it. Colladium trioxide (Six torpedoes go, but not all hit the Klingons) UHURA: A message just came from Starfleet Command. SCOTT: Menials? PETRI: Doctor, there is no antidote to the poison of Elasian tears. " Elaan of Troyius " is the thirteenth episode of the third season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. PETRI: Please. ** Kirk responding to Elaan's slapping him around the face by slapping her right back. The Enterprise transports Elaan, Dohlman of Elas, to an arranged marriage on Troyius. Elaan, I have to go back to the Bridge. KIRK: Phasers stand by. (Kirk looks at his hand.) Kirk arrives to find Elaan throwing a fit. She expresses disdain for the crew trying to give her a tour and explanation of engineering, wanting only to know how the ship is used in combat. Elaan Spock reports significant damage to the Klingon's shields while Chekov says the ship is badly damaged, and is withdrawing at reduced speed. (A light flashes on Uhura's panel.) Captain Kirk, please With all of that going on, the script to Elaan of Troyius … ELAAN: So, Ambassador Petri is going to recover? SPOCK: Very. ", Writer / Director John Meredyth Lucas with William Shatner on the set. You must ELAAN: It was no accident. Do your job Enterprise. ELAAN: But I don't understand you. Kirk still doesn't know the details of the task he is about to perform. Troyius Tribunal jointly agreed that I should instruct (pause) make her I'll talk to Keep our system whose two inhabited worlds, Elas and Troyius, have been at war for generations. would find it satisfactory. MCCOY: Oh, we're in trouble. your ship? It is of little value. 4. Mister Spock, do you think never see you again? SCOTT: Captain, you must realise the time customs. SPOCK: In this particular instance, Doctor, I agree with you. I have chosen you, and still I don't understand why KIRK: My communications officer generously vacated the rooms hoping you KIRK: Ahead warp factor two. ELAAN: Would you have me wearing my wedding dress for another man and SULU: Lost contact now. Asked by Nurse Chapel why any man would want an Elasian bride if they act like this, Petri explains that it is biochemical: any man whose skin is touched by the tears of an Elasian woman immediately falls in love with her – forever. I will not be humiliated, and I will not be given to a green pig as a Meanwhile, Kryton sneaks into engineering and performs acts of sabotage on the dilithium crystals. Extreme magnification. that on Troyius, they do not wear such things. fast compared to your nuclear propulsion units. Petri is there, trying to placate her with wedding gifts: a pair of embroidered slippers, a shimmering blue gown and an antique folk-art necklace he calls "the most prized of royal jewels – for your lovely neck!" it? CHEKOV: Course computed, sir. ELAAN: Courtesy is not for inferiors. SULU: Captain, number four shield just collapsed. KIRK: What sort of readings, Mister Spock? to beam aboard, and they demand an explanation for the delay. PETRI: Captain, I wish to contact my government. All right. KIRK: Scotty, stand by to cut in warp drive. The secrecy is apparently called for because the Tellun system is in the vicinity of the Federation-Klingon border. Be pleasant no matter how KIRK: Speculation? There's going to have to be some kind (The Elasians get down on one knee.) KIRK: What was it? Original US DVD release (single-disc): Volume 29. nature KIRK: Kirk here. The Dohlman is a small woman, Elaan, the ruler of Elas, who commands absolute obedience. forward shields to him. there will be no need for the marriage. Captain Kirk, you have now KIRK: I didn't ask for any. KIRK: Body armour, nuclear weapons. SPOCK: Captain, your analysis of the situation was flawless, One hundred thousand kilometres. KIRK: That's the first problem we're going to work on. no way to judge what the unusual shapes will do to the energy flow. ELAAN: Could you do that? KIRK: How bad? And how do we solve the problem? Spock picks up unusual energy readings and finds they're coming from her necklace, which is strung with uncut dilithium crystals. It's the shape of the crystals. Kirk questions him about his sabotage and his involvement with the Klingons but Kryton will not talk and he states he is conditioned against responding to any physical torture to make him talk. ELAAN: I want nothing of his! ← 58th of 80 produced in TOS → KLINGON [on viewscreen]: Enterprise, prepare to be boarded or SCOTT [OC]: Manoeuvre? permission to show us to our quarters. KIRK: I said talk with her, not fight with her. you ready to go to Troyius. thirty one percent. (Kryton grabs a security guard's phaser and vapourises himself.) The entire lordsofelsewhen, Dec 29, 2015 #1. ELAAN: Captain, there is one thing you can teach me. of understanding. KIRK: It's, er, It's, er. (Scott and Spock enter) Remember that Explaining his strategy to the bridge crew, he prepares a full spread of torpedoes at the Klingons. KRYTON: Her Glory has not summoned you. detest. And these We have granted your KIRK: Some desk-bound Starfleet bureaucrat cut SPOCK: It's in a border area, Mister Scott. respect ELAAN: Everything I order is possible. He had this. SULU: She's passed us without firing a shot. SPOCK: None, Captain. KIRK: Fire at minimum range. SULU: Forty. In the episode, they are bright green. Very neat. As he passes, I want I've been over want? TOS, Episode 3x02 What Go in strong. KIRK [OC]: Kirk here. Kirk states that he'll teach her basic etiquette himself. Scotty, he didn't come into Engineering Written and directed by John Meredyth Lucas, it was first broadcast on December 20, 1968. The Federation High She makes it clear later on that she chose Kirk, so the crying may have been a way to get him to drop his guard. Scott is quick to point out that the engines are considered crucial in combat. ELAAN: Kryton! MCCOY: Did she cry? SCOTT: Aye. overwhelmingly attracted to them? In this episode, the camera is set way back from the center of the engineering set – the "wild" engine components are wheeled out and a vast amount of floor space is left open. Energise. drives it. KIRK: Ambassador Petri, would you drop all this nonsense and tell me I don't want everybody Elaan, two planets, an entire star system's stability MCCOY: That is the captain's responsibility, Ambassador. capable of. That's the (She bites his hand and runs into the bathroom.) system so vital? SPOCK [OC]: That sensor ghost is moving closer. those records. Petri, the Troyian ambassador, is there to help Elaan make a peaceful transition and learn the proper social graces. TREKCORE > TOS > HD Images . KIRK: You're as bad as she is. SCOTT: Aye, but why the secrecy? SULU: Shields holding, but weakened, sir. You'll not be using the warp drive? Asking Kirk if he is responding to her many complaints about Uhura's quarters, the captain suggests that she will have to get comfortable here.

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