HOOF-it® is proud to provide outstanding hoof care and farrier products with a global reputation for quality and durability. Please see exchange and refund details here. " Birch bark has been used for centuries in both human and veterinarian medicine because of its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities. … I had looked at a similar style (hint: it's more expensive and you have to switch heads rather than just position the hoof differently) but am really glad I went with this one". HOOF DOCTOR A unique product based on Birch Bark Extract with Organic Oils, including Omega 3, Vitamins A & D, for Professional Care of Horses’ Hooves! By coating minor nail holes and surface cracks, the bacteria and fungus that cause thrush, cankers, abscesses and white line disease, are blocked from entering the hoof wall. Scientific Medicine. First-class ingredients, fresh products, consistent high quality and scientifically proven effectiveness are the principal features of Life Data Labs animal health products. 2 Items . … -Mac Macalary. Immediate farrier and veterinary attention can quickly resolve most issues, but the key is to prevent these conditions from developing. Hoof Doctor's main advantages: -Helps to eliminate hooves sensitivity. You can use Hoof Doctor with confidence. Birch bark extract is one of the main active ingredients found in Hoof Doctor. Apply the product generously with the supplied brush to the hoof sole and walls. To treat severe conditions, apply twice a day for at least a week. This product has greatly helped his tender foot and hardened and dried his frog. 1. Hoof Doctor is a premium hoof care product that uses a unique blend of natural ingredients that aid in the healing of the most common hoof problems. American Farriers Journal is the “hands-on” magazine for professional farriers, equine veterinarians and horse care product and service buyers. Hoof Doctor Helps Fight the Following Horse Hoof … This item is currently on backorder but you can still purchase it now and we'll ship as soon as more become available. The all-natural formulation acts as a sealant. Your horse care and farrier supply! Apply three (3) times a week. ... Hoof Doctor … The revolutionary, daily dose SmartPaks are custom-made for your horse, individually labeled and sealed for freshness. Apply the product generously with the supplied brush to the hoof sole and walls. -Improves the quality and elasticity of the horn hoof plate. From the feed room to the tack room, SmartPak offers innovative solutions to help riders take great care of their horses. The Pink stuff is a therapeutic lanolin enriched concentrate that assists in replacing … Mad Barn is the best Canadian source of performance horse supplements & nutrition including probiotics, digestive enzymes, equine minerals & vitamin powders. ; Lameness Why your horse … Illinois farrier Vern Powell shares the benefits of looking at feet in terms of steel length instead of a standard factory shoe sizes. * Together, these components promote tissue repair and encourage the growth of healthy hooves. Hoof Doctor Helps Fight the Following Horse Hoof … International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member Tom Curl will host a farrier/vet seminar on quarter crack repair and patching. Take care of it. In severe cases white line disease or laminitis can develop in some horses. A proactive approach is always healthier for the horse to avoid immediate pain and long-term layups. Main Advantages: - Helps to eliminate hooves All cracks (quarter, toe and hoof wall cracks) make hooves susceptible to bacteria that can invade the soft tissues and potentially cause an abscess. Passes Away, Hoof-Care Highlights: The Week of December 27, 5 Major Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Farrier Business | Charging for Barn Calls, When Clips are Needed on Shoes | Men Vs. Women Footcare Professionals, Study Examines the Correlation Between Horseshoes and Heel Contraction, Shoeing to Support Fetlock Joints Affected by Tendon and Ligament Injuries, Shoeing Hunters and Jumpers before a Show, CBD Products Have Promise for Farriers, but Buyer Beware, Tom Curl Farrier Seminars: Quarter Crack Repair & Patching. Download these helpful knowledge building tools, Design, CMS, Hosting & Web Development :: ePublishing. Help to keep your horse's hooves health and strong all year long. - Call us 8am to 4pm PST 1(775)783-9099. Thank you for your continued support. Help heal hoof problems from thrush, cracks, bruising, … Apply three (3) times a week. SmartPak was founded in 1999 with the introduction of the patented SmartPak™ supplement feeding system. 1. View as Grid List. *Certified omega-3 oil, Vitamins A and D, which are found in fish oil, are also key ingredients in the Hoof Doctor topical. Farrier's Formula - Hoof and Coat Supplement Farrier's Formula is fundamental for the growth of strong and healthy hooves. Prevention begins with a good diet. Your happiness, satisfaction and support is what keeps us going! Store in a dry place in a tightly sealed package at above freeze temperature. Hoof cracks can be equally painful. Sometimes, even with the best care, bacteria can work its way into the hoof and cause problems. The formulation follows FEI regulations and does not include prohibited substances identified on the FEI 2019 Equine Prohibited Substance List. Hoof Doctor 16 oz - HHD16OZ - Hoof Disease Treatments - A unique product based on birch bark extract with certified organic oils, including Omega 3, vitamins A & D, for Professional Care of Horses' Hooves! Don't stall your horse every time it rains or snows. Hoof Doctor is a unique product based on Birch Bark Extract with Organic Oils, including Omega 3, Vitamins A & D. It is not cosmetics, but a real premium hoof care product as in aid to heal most hoof … This results in pressure and pain that presents as lameness. Whether the bacteria got inside the hoof due to a trauma, such as the hoof being punctured with a nail, or due to the poor health of the hoof… A superb tool that ought to be in every barn. HOOF DOCTOR A unique product based on Birch Bark Extract with Organic Oils, including Omega 3, Vitamins A & D, for Professional Care of Horses’ Hooves!

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