Some other toons that I consider to be in this category would be Enfys Nest and B1 Battle Droid. Possible fifth character aside from the obvious plug & play ones (e.g. You are able to change this twice a year, so be sure to change this to a time that you are comfortable with. Within your new collection, you have the toons needed for GMY, Thrawn, Palpatine, BB-8, and through BB-8, Jedi Training Rey. I personally would rather her have the clones for GAC and use gensky to solo another team for max points. As for the rest of the time - well, you could share her mods with somebody else who likes speed and health I guess. The Golden God is either going to be with Padme or Rebels in that situation. Shaak Ti and target ally recover 35% of their Health and Protection. The two answers to that question that I’ve heard a lot are Separatists and Phoenix Squadron. While the HDB is a paid feature in the game, it is the single best purchase that a player new to the game can make. Naturally, some will be spending money but some will be playing for free. The latest meta toons have been both the Revans ±Malak, GAS and his clones, and now the Galactic Legends. She fits well under both JKR and Bastilla leads. 22. The zeta order assumes you will be running Shaak Ti lead. So if you have already farmed a toon up to 4*, you will get no further benefit from those extra shards. Enable the Eco Mode when running the game in multiple instances. As I mentioned earlier, the meta is always shifting. Shaak Ti and Clone Troopers are also needed in Territoy Battle: Geonosis Republic Offensive to get Ki-Adi-Mundi shards. What benefits us is that Shaak is able to be unlocked at two stars and is quite useful at that point. Even with meta shifts over time, I can’t imagine that GAS will fall out of the meta any time soon. Because of this, there are players who buy the HDB, then follow a F2P path afterwords. There are a few ways you can do this—I will list a few but ultimately, you are on a choose-your-own-adventure. The Phoenix Squadron gives you the ability to unlock Grand Admiral Thawn and Emperor Palpatine. Actual quality content on this subreddit. The secret is the hollowed out area in. It costs around 6 million credits to level up a toon from 1-85, but the majority of that cost is leveling 80 to 85. Hi Holotable Heroes, Today we released Shaak Ti’s kit and as usual, we want to give you some insight into why we decided to bring this character to the game. Do to their protection regeneration, they are great for galactic war. That being said, you can chase the meta if you so choose. Hera and Ezra are both available in the Fleet Arena store as well. Additionally, the bundle gives you 16 ships. Shaak Ti, like most Jedi of the era, was discovered on her homeworld Shili as an infant when doctors identified her as Force-sensitive. Both of these toons are great in an Empire team, complete with Tie Fighter Pilot, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Darth Vader. And this is … If you are interested in purchasing the Hyperdrive Bundle and are reading this before you do, I would recommend starting a new account instead of buying it on an older account. I will break down the pros and cons for both teams, but ultimately it is your decision on who to farm. As you will soon discover, hard node toons are a pain to unlock. The standard Padme teams don't have a way to heal Protection. Phoenix has been the go-to answer for a long time, but as the meta has shifted, some players have recommended farming Separatists first. There are 6 available members: Sabine is available through a hard node, Hera and Ezra are available in cantina battles, Chopper is up for sale in the cantina battle store, Kanan can be found in the squad arena store, and Zeb is found in the galactic war store. CG just announced General Skywalker, and while it’s great news that you don’t have to put any work into Kit Fisto, General Skywalker has the most ambitious requirements of any toon ever released, and our guide will help … Once you have 5* Executrix, you need 5 ships that are 5* or above to complete the Zeta mat challenge. I personally often use her with Padme for this express purpose, but she can prove useful in this capacity on many other teams. Now we can talk about a question that has been asked probably more times than any other question regarding SWGOH. GMY, R2,C3PO) to be used with Rebels, Resistance or Jedi. Shaak Ti Clones Modding Guide! In addition she will be a key character on the new Republic Offensive Territory Battle map and we know she will be required to earn Ki-Adi-Mundi shards (with a 23k GP requirement for the mission). One example of this is Shaak Ti. If you want to make a Clone team happen, either undersize with GAS on offense or potentially put Ahsoka under GAS in order to free ARC as 3rd clone under Shaak Ti.You desperately need any clone you can get for her lead to be effective. Before getting into the specifics of the guide, there is a point that should be addressed. Credit to u/NinjaGamer1337 on Reddit What team should I farm first? She can fit well under Padme, allowing for other typical 5th characters (e.g. While it will not be fully comprehensive, it should be enough to get you on the right path. Your ship’s GP is a combination of your ship GP and your pilot’s GP, so to be competitive you must level both your ship and pilot. Once you get more toons, you will be able to contribute more to raids and get even better rewards. The next thing the bundle contains is 65 5* toons. With the popularity of both the Star Wars universe and mobile games, SWGOH has seen an influx of new players. All of this allows you to unlock 5* Thrawn, Emperor Palpatine, Grand Master Yoda, and BB-8 as soon as you buy the bundle. Consider moving your daily reset to a time where you can actively climb before your arena payout, and also log on to see every shipment refresh. n the opposite corner, we have the Separatists. As you can do with your squad, you can pivot your fleet into a Grand Republic fleet. Among these ships are 4 rebel ships, and 3/4 of the current bounty hunter ships. In GAC leave the clones with her and solo something with GAS. The first thing you should do is finish your challenges and get to farming zetas. If not, then remove her lead from the list and the order will remain the same. Enjoy from over 30 Lakh Hindi, Eng Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Shaak Ti: Shaak Ti is all about strengthening the Clone Trooper faction, so you’re going to want to make her fast to boost them more and increase her survivability to keep her alive. The meta will change, and the counter meta will shift with it as well. You will spend your resources gearing teams to end up only having a couple of teams that are GAC-ready. There are some more options, including a capital ship, but those are mostly available later on. Swgoh nightsister zombie. The BH ships are required to unlock the Millennium Falcon, so if you choose to go that route, you have a good head start. This will let you focus on getting your initial squad built up so that you can compete in squad arena. B2 should be your third option. Being in a new shard will help you get better rewards early on. This game is a lot of fun if you play on your own terms and with a guild full of people that are active and fun. Has there been an agreed upon best use for Shaak-Ti once you unlock GAS? It contains 2 event units and a raid unit. SWGOH Marquee Release Cadence/Schedule. If you choose to go this route, I would advise taking the time to build up your clones to use with the Shaak Ti that is required for the GAS event. The single most important thing that you can do to ensure your ability to progress through this game is to join an active guild. In the unlikely case you have (or will get him in the forseeable future) Ki-Adi Mundi, she is a perfect fit for a GR jedi team. They are easy to farm, are available early on, and their mechanics are pretty easy to understand. You need Grand Moff Tarkin’s capital ship to be at 5* to complete this challenge, which requires 4 dark side ships to be at 4* or higher. Shaak is the leader of one of the best squads around. Both are rebel ships and fit well with Admiral Ackbar’s rebel fleet. Due to the nature of this, the team you will most likely develop is Hera, Chopper, Ezra, Kanan, and Zeb. If using Cody lead, make his your number 2 priority, or if using Rex lead, it doesn’t take a zeta! Farming the Phoenix Squadron is not difficult. The offense up is more useful if you don't run GMY in either team. Shaak Ti has a lot of value and versatility in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes being able to slot into several lineups with Jedi, Clones, or other Galactic Republic characters or lead her own team. I would recommend spending your cystals on energy refreshes for the first 50 levels. Note that the Triangle and Plus mods will be determined by your mod inventory and preferred focus. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order vs Shaak Ti 7 star/about 8k Crystals. Most of the shipment tabs will also reset every 6 hours starting at your daily reset. The next thing that you should do that will benefit you in the long run is to get some teams that are ready for raids. SWGOH: Rebel Farming Guide. Anybody has pre-ordered this instead of pumping money for Darth Revan/Malak or upcoming meta teams, GR ships what not? Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. Close. If you join an active guild that runs raids as often as they can, you simply need one toon to participate in the event before you can get rewards. They also give you some basic squads that you will be able to use in GAC, but this also means that every single account that bought the HDB will also have these teams. Unless you picked up all characters … For new SWGoH players, the leadership ability can be confusing. All three ships can be found in the GW store and the fleet arena store. This also unlocks all light side, dark side, cantina, and mod battle stages and the penultimate challenge tiers. And lower your PC's resource consumption. Once you hit lvl 50, you can start investing in mods and that can give you another competitive advantage. It can counter the Sith Empire teams that you may encounter, and is also a good candidate for your first relics. 65 comments. Hounds Tooth is available with Jango Fett in the Light Side hard node 8-4, and Bossk is available in Dark Side hard node 9-B. I use GAS in pretty much any GL counter, so Shaak clones on offence vs GG Wat. Naturally, some will be spending money but some will be playing for free. Shaak Ti complete relic tier list for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! As you will discover, there is no worse feeling then being so close to finishing a farm and having the last 10 or so shards take forever. I love this game and have enjoyed the time I have invested in it. Another recommendation for an early ship is Ahsoka Tano’s fighter for an easy early farm. They got some extra gears with the SWGoH 2019 anniversary, like a crafted Carbanti Mk3, a crafted Stun Cuffs Mk3, Gear 12 parts, Relics mats, enough Mod Slice parts to slice one gold 5 dot mod to 6 dot mod, plus 10 Darth Malak shards, 10 General Anakin Skywalker shards, 5 Shaak Ti shards, 5 ARC Trooper shards and 10 Negotiator blueprints. Because of that, this guide will serve as both a F2P guide, but also an introduction to the HDB. They truly enjoy them. This fleet is needed for the GAS event, so keep that in mind. Look in the Journey Guide, find your favorite legendary toon, then build towards it. You may also need her if you want to reach top 10 in HSTR ever again. In order for you to start getting these rewards as soon as possible, join a guild that is running raids that you can join in for rewards. I still think it's best to have her as the 5th on a Padme team. Heroic raids, or raids requiring 7* toons, include shards for some important legendary toons, Han Solo, General Kenobi, and Darth Traya. Or at the higher end, use GAS against the GLs on a revan team. -7* 17,700 Ahsoka Tano-7* 17,700 C-3PO-7* 17,700 General Kenobi-7* 17,700 Padme Amidala-7* 17,700 Shaak Ti. With these ships you can then unlock the further tiers of the capital ships, up to 5*. Swgoh sales Swgoh sales. While all of this is of great value, the most important thing to realize is that this unlocks the zeta mat challenge for you. That is absolutely insane. As far as the battles go, you can instantly sim stages 1-8, but stage 9 must be completed first. This is not an early game event. Last but certainly not least, she is a character which can regen health & protection and can thus be used as a GA plug & play character for many teams for which you don't necessarily need a fifth, but could use a way to regain banners. One benefit of going along this path is that you will utilize the GP that you already have instead of letting it weigh them down. These toons require lower gear levels than their newer counterparts. So you bought the hyperdrive bundle. Shaak Ti-led clones are one of the best PVP teams available without any legendary toons and can do unholy amounts of damage in raids. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. Eventually, you can use your Padme team, and your Seperatists to unlock GAS as your next major power spike. Shaak Ti Clones Modding Guide! Archived. However am I missing something with anyone else? This guide will be a good starting point for those who are following the F2P model. Posted by 1 year ago. SWGoH: Phase 2 Combat Mission, Middle – General Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano The Geonosian Territory Battles were launched in June 2019 starting with with the Dark Side battles, officially named Geonosis: Separatist Might and then followed by… Thank you sir/mdm. 7 1 a he intersection of 2 familiar with. The HDB also does not simply give you enough shards to get to 5*, it brings your toon directly up to 5*. Ogni giorno (più o meno) pubblicherò quindi per voi tutto quello che è obbligatorio conoscere riguardo i personaggi da farmare attualmente,… Before we talk about how to use the bundle, we should talk about what it contains. Either with the remaining clones or in a Padme Squad. Most notably, this boosts you straight to level 85, unlocking almost every feature in the game, including grand arena championships and the journey guide. Droiddekka should be next. But in learning how they work with other toons will put you on the path towards building a team which syncs well together. Ormai da tempo mi sono reso conto della necessità di creare una guida italiana invece del solito copia-incolla delle impressioni e delle prove dei giocatori americani. I was thinking Zarris (because Zarris?) Just in the past year, this game has seen Malak, GAS, and the Galactic Legends--all of which drastically changed the meta. The dispell on basic is particularly useful depending on what you are up against. I truly hope that this guide is able to help you to become the best player that you can be. As long as you save your revive for right before ending the battle so that you can end with all your toons alive. Pretty sad to see the price differences. This can put you at a huge advantage if you are in a new arena shard, but if you don’t utilize it, it could end up hurting you in the long run. Changing this will change the timing of most daily activities. are in my opinion Qui-Gon, Plo Koon or Aayla, all of which benefit a little from the GR Jedi synergies or have the possibility of calling assists on the clones in order to get benefits from the lead. And even though most of those characters have been around long enough for many to have them, to level up 18 of them is crazy, but also a few of them – especially Shaak Ti – haven’t been farmable all too long. You can always use them to refresh your energy or buy more attempts as you are farming. (assuming 7* KAM is useful in, what, two years?). This guide will be a good starting point for those who are following the F2P model. If target ally is a Galactic Republic Jedi, they gain 25% Tenacity (max 5 stacks) until the end of the battle. Eventually, you can flesh them out into three solid squads, the Geos, droids, and the rest of the separatists. This fleet does give you the option to pursue Thrawn’s Chimera, which requires some other rebel ships such as Biggs and Wedge. One final, but simple, recommendation to help optimize your growth is to change your daily reset time to better benefit your schedule. These rewards will help you grow your account as a whole, and they get better with higher tiers. Tossing her as the 5th on a Padme team seems like a waste because you get no use of her clone synergy. If you follow the Empire thread as well, you can pick up R2D2 to make a pretty decent Resistance team. I put her with JKR: GAS gets the clones, Padme gets GMYoda (to counter a GAS team), and JKR gets Shaak Ti. The 3 basic capital ships and 13 other ships at 5*. Search around for somewhere that you belong, either on Reddit, Discord, or the SWGOH forums. There are tanks, attackers, supports, and leaders for you to farm over time. They are gamechangers, but I would recommend utilizing your roster to get some legendary toons that are within your grasp. Taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Ti entered into the academy there and spent the next decade studying the ways of the Force and the Jedi Code. That is a loaded question, but I will attempt to unpack it and give you the most honest answer that I can. The Empire team has fallen out of meta for the most part, however, and climbing in your arena shard might prove to be difficult, both with Phoenix Squadron, and with the Empire. Your largest source of crystals will be the arenas, so investing in your main squad will provide you with a greater payout. She is available to farm at one of the last stages of the fleet battle hard nodes, but she also shows up in the first shipment tab where you can buy her shards in increments of 4/8/12/16. Plus, you can use her in a Padme team instead of C3PO (on offense, because Padme without C3PO is susceptible to Empire) and use C3PO with Rebels. If target ally is a Clone Trooper, they gain 25% Critical Damage (max 5 stacks) until the end of the battle. I would not recommend farming a toon to 7* this way, but sometimes a quick unlock can be vastly beneficial to you. Once you get to a later point and a steady income of crystals, where you spend your crystals is up to you. She joined the Jedi Order, and at some point following the Battle of Naboo, gained a seat on the Jedi High Council, taking the place of Master Yaddle. Shaak Ti is highly valuable for a few days a month when LS Geo is running, and will continue to be for a very long time. Before GLs I liked Shaak with JKR team especially if I was using GMY in Padme team against GAS. This page was last edited on 29 April 2020, at 00:04. With sarge, Cody, plo and probably zbarriss. Composed of your prequel dark side toons, you have a couple sub-factions within the larger umbrella: droids and Geonosians. You should be completing this every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday to get your guaranteed 6 zeta mats a week. If you aren’t familiar with this Togruta Jedi, Jedi Master Shaak Ti personally oversaw the training and development of clone forces on … While chasing the meta is possible for a F2P player, it is not the wisest choice to start off your account by doing so. While there are plenty of other toons that can fit into this team, these are 3 toons that are not difficult to unlock and work well together. On top of your teams that you are building up, you need to build up your fleet as well. This. If you need another dark side ship, Tie Fighter is an easy farm in the fleet hard nodes or in the fleet arena store. While it will not be fully comprehensive, it should be enough to get you on the right path. Shaak Ti è una Jedi togruta che sostituisce Yaddle nel consiglio Jedi prima delle guerre dei cloni. Phoenix Squadron is split between two ships, the Ghost and the Phantom II. There's something on this list in every dosage and for every budget — plus, learn how to find the best CBD for you. If you can, find a guild with some veteran experience so that you can have some friends who can help you along the way. Ability mats, gear, currency. Finally, the bundle contains oodles and oodles of resources. It might seem like a lot of resources, but it is easy to blow through it all. Airsoft GI - Airsoft and Tactical Gear …. Special thanks to my guildmate Rich for helping me write this guide! Shaak clones beats most things in GAC including DR. Frees up GAS for a solo. ... Hypothetically the fastest place to farm because if you clear it every day you get to beat all the teams that you face you should get 1200 galactic war currency which translates into 15 shards of a character per day. Recommended path if you choose to farm him ~4 shards a day through cantina shipement (189 cantina energy spent at a 10 energy catina node. In higher ranks of arena, 10 ranks can be the difference between getting 100 gems or not, so it is important to be able to climb right before you get your reward.

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