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In Arizona the deadline for voter registration for the 2020 Presidential election was October five, 2020. End quote. With some 150 people gathered in Cortez, attendees jostled to reach Boebert, who doled out autographs, hugs and handshakes. They wielded anything that could be used as a weapon, their rage, and heat-seeking blood lust to locate the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Vice President Mike Pence (R). Here it is. That’s the certification that paved the way for the Electoral College vote that took place on December 14th making Joe Biden President. “Compared to the often raucous members of the state’s congressional delegation, Rice has been more low-profile and focused on his legislative work,” wrote the Almanac of American Politics of Rice, who has represented eastern South Carolina’s 7th district since 2012. Mitsch Bush, who lost a challenge to Tipton in 2018 by 8 points, in many ways is Boebert’s polar opposite: She is more than twice Boebert’s age and is known for her pragmatic approach to legislating. In the other Senate contest, Democrat Jon Ossoff holds a narrow lead over Republican David Perdue, with the majority of the outstanding ballots still to be counted concentrated in Democratic-leaning counties. But they are expected to decide today on their next steps, according to several lawmakers and aides. Got that, folks? The dispute generated headlines — and free publicity for Boebert’s campaign — during the crucial final weeks leading into the primary, as the candidate denounced “the heavy hand of government to make us do whatever they want.” She slammed Tipton as a creature of the Washington establishment, and ended up beating him by 9 points in the primary. I remember Lester Maddox. When Rep. Boebert says today a week after the U.S. Capitol was attacked that Republicans need to stand up for the Constitution “not just in word BUT IN DEED” (emphasis hers), what exactly does she mean by that? Where is the accountability for the left, after encouraging and normalizing violence? ► If you thought Colorado Republicans might have learned a lesson from their second consecutive drubbing at the polls in 2020…well, they didn’t. ► 9News reports on local law enforcement efforts to secure the area around the State Capitol building in advance of planned “protests” in the next week. This is clear. She is the first woman to represent Colorado's 3rd Congressional district in Congress. Colorado Sun FILE - In this June 30, 2020, file photo, Lauren Boebert speaks during a watch party at Warehouse 25 Sixty Five in Grand Junction, Colo., after polls closed in Colorado's primary election. Buck convened a meeting starring Republican county clerks early last month, attended virtually by hundreds of party members, specifically to debunk the conspiracy theories about Dominion Voting Systems and mail ballots Colorado has used uncontroversially for years–core articles of faith for Republicans who believe the election was stolen. The virus disrupted potato markets in the San Luis Valley, among the nation’s largest spud producers. Freshman Rep. Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert and longtime Colorado Springs Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn will both oppose certifying Biden’s Electoral College victory. Otherwise the laws passed by the legislative branch merely become suggestions to be accepted, rejected, or manipulated by those who did not pass them. Nor can we sit idly by without condemning the blatantly sexist and elitist attacks being lobbed at one of Colorado’s elected officials. In the report, he affirms his belief that “Antifa and [Black Lives Matter] BLM” orchestrated the storming of the Capitol in order to “make Trump supporters look bad.”. I yield the balance of my time to the gentleman from Florida, Mr. Brian Mast. But herein lies the problem any time one has to resort to defending one’s self from the accusation of “guilt by association.” You’re conceding that somebody’s guilty. Democrats are close to capturing majority control of the U.S. Senate after Raphael Warnock defeated Republican Kelly Loeffler in Georgia’s runoff election on Tuesday; Warnock becomes the first Black Senator from the State of Georgia. Boebert dodged debates, skipped meetings with editorial boards not considered fully in the Republican tank, and avoided any other event where she might be made to answer an unscripted question. This big wannabe cowgirl who carries a Glock on her hip? In fact, we managed to catch screenshots of two different versions of Boebert’s tweet. She refused to offer the bag over to be searched. The Lauren Boebert-Diane Mitsch Bush Race In Colorado’s 3rd District Appears To Be Cast Out Of Larger Presidential Politics. In the absence of an explanation from Twitter about what specific rules Boebert violated to earn her suspension, many including ourselves speculated that it was in response to Tweets during the storming of the U.S. Capitol last week that could arguably be considered valuable intelligence provided to the insurrectionists. On the Democratic side of the aisle, Rep. Joe Neguse (D-Boulderish) is among four members of the House of Representatives who will be responsible for arguing against nonsense claims against decertification. UPDATE #2: This would seem to confirm that Rep. Boebert is indeed strolling around on the House floor with a handgun. I will not allow the people to be ignored. A few months later, by-then candidate Boebert defied COVID-19 pandemic public health orders to keep her restaurant open–a frighteningly risky press stunt that in retrospect unfortunately did not hurt her political prospects. This morning, as unemployment benefits expire for millions of Americans and desperately needed economic relief legislation sits in limbo, Rep.-elect Boebert is exhorting “the people” to “put pressure” on state legislatures in six swing states–Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin–to “rescind” the certification of their states’ elections. “She is incredibly articulate about her humble beginnings and how she started her restaurant, and that really resonates with people throughout this district who struggle economically.”. The precocious 17-year-old, who chaired the 2016 Trump Campaign’s Jefferson County effort at the age of twelve, and currently co-directs the political training group America First Republicans, announced his “reluctant” resignation on Facebook yesterday. And I darn sure didn’t block people or step on people’s First Amendment rights. Since upstart Republican congressional candidate Lauren Boebert shocked the Colorado Republican political world and then the nation by ousting a five-term incumbent in the GOP primary and holding on to the safe-ish GOP seat against an underpowered Democratic opponent in the general election, the growing controversy her fringe politics and sketchy personal background have caused has resulted in a tremendous amount of negative attention. They were here to see Boebert, a 33-year-old first-time candidate for Congress. Since January 6th, Boebert’s bombastic support for overturning the election has become a serious threat to her ongoing political career, with allegations that either by negligence or deliberate action Boebert undermined security at the U.S. Capitol before and during the riot. She can’t even handle Twitter.”. Neville later apologized, telling the Denver Post that he should have said “authoritarian” instead of “Gestapo.”. Rather than actually helping American people in this time, we start impeachments that further divide our country. “We want to make sure we are prioritizing the health and safety of our communities,” says Ashley Quenneville, Mitsch Bush’s campaign manager. Quenneville told me her candidate does not support the Green New Deal or Medicare for All, but that Mitsch Bush wants to protect the Affordable Care Act’s coverage for pre-existing conditions. Boebert says that she wants people to view her floor speech on Wednesday. Rep.-elect Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert (center), with some well-armed friends. What about the gentlewoman from New York, who defended the looting by saying looters just wanted loaves of bread? Biden earned 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232, and a wave of legal challenges by Trump to reverse several states’ results failed at every level of state and federal court. As in races across the country, Republican willingness to “campaign dangerously” certainly gave Boebert another edge in a race that was still substantially closer than Tipton’s victory in 2018. Welcome to the first “Get More Smarter” of 2021! These are unprecedented times, and Boebert’s name is forever linked now to an unprecedented crime. Some QAnon leaders are even advocating that maybe it’s time to “go back to our lives as best as we are able.”. As a result of this frivolous, partisan lawsuit, 10 extra days were added via judicial fiat to allow voter registration…these 10 days were added after voting had already begun. We double-checked that Rep. Ken Buck (R-Greeley) voted NO, since he seems to change his mind on a topic at least once every 24 hours. With every Senate Democrat also sure to reject the challenge to Biden’s victory, President Donald Trump’s pressure campaign will easily fail even as it succeeds in splitting the GOP. #copolitics, — Marshall Zelinger (@Marshall9News) December 14, 2020. Fight in the streets. Also, any friends out there familiar with #1A laws? Boebert’s case recalls the controversial law enforcement “broken window theory,” where an environment of minor infractions creates a climate ripe for greater ones. Shortly before the U.S. Capitol was overrun by Trump-supporting terrorists on Wednesday, freshman Rep. Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert was among the first Members of Congress to deliver a speech on the House floor about her objection to counting the electoral votes from the State of Arizona. Elected officials ranging from President Trump to a Colorado state senator have been successfully sued for blocking constituents on social media, which violates their First Amendment rights by severing their ability to participate in political discourse. Her inclusion in the program is an acknowledgment, says David Wasserman, U.S. House editor for The Cook Political Report, that she needs training and fundraising help. Would that be funny? While the lawmaker was eventually allowed to enter the House chambers, she is facing growing questions about her role in assisting the deadly riot on Capitol Hill Jan. 6. And as The New York Times reported this afternoon: Frankly, it’s a little confusing that Boebert is even worried about the Electoral College, because she has her own theory about how Presidents get elected in the United States: I told the president to keep fighting & use every bit of authority our Constitution grants. After the Electoral College voted for Biden, Rep. Buck angered Trump diehards by promptly acknowleding Biden’s status as President-elect. > Video above: Lauren Boebert's victory speech Mitsch Bush, a former state legislator from Steamboat Springs, was the Democratic nominee for the second consecutive cycle. This story is a part of #FollowtheMoneyCO, a project of the Colorado News Collaborative (COLab), edited by The Colorado Sun with support from the Colorado Media Project. #copolitics CC: @ChieftainNews, @DailySentinelGJ @WoodrowForCO Colorado voters knew Boebert had a criminal record and that she obtained a GED when they cast their ballot for her., — Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) December 12, 2020. Boebert herself was not watching the news two minutes after rioters breached the Capitol. “For them to decide who is essential and who is not is reprehensible. If Members of Congress won’t take a stand for our Constitutional rights in DC, you can bet they won’t take a stand back at home either. But could she lose a GOP seat? “I should know as an elected state representative and it’s not easy, but it is what I signed up for. We’re comfortable with that. Riots Has "Laryngitis? “I don’t always vote a blue ticket, but I think the ballot on the blue side is more centrist than the red side,” Kevin Wilkins, executive director of the San Luis Valley Development Resources Group, which promotes job creation in the south-central part of the district, told me. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Co., said she has been receiving death threats after it was suggested, she had believed, that she played a role in aiding insurrectionists who … Rep. Lauren Boebert (center), posing with assault weapons in an undated publicity photo. They were following Twitter feeds like Lauren Boebert’s. Her refusal to allow her bag to be searched is odd. Using COVID as a reasoning, Democrats filled a…filed a lawsuit to extend this deadline by 18 days. Elbow to elbow, the crowd and the candidate sang along with Madison Rising’s rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner.” There was nary a face mask in sight and little physical distancing. Our purpose today is not to second-guess the Twitter Rules or how they are enforced by that private company, though obviously in the wake of what seems to be a capriciously-applied policy readers are likely to have some reasonable questions about that. Madam Speaker, my primary objection to the counting of the Electoral Votes of the State of Arizona is based on the Constitution and the direction of state legislatures through state law as spelled out in the following two clauses: Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2, states in part — and I quote — each state shall appoint in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct a number of electors, AND, the election clause of the Constitution provides state legislatures with explicit authority to prescribe — and I quote — the times, places, and manners of holding elections. Now, as she tries to ride her message about pandemic overreach to a win in the general election this fall, Boebert might just represent a new, very 2020 kind of politician: the Covid backlash candidate. State Rep. Kevin Van Winkle Considering a Run For Congress? This story is a piece of shit guilt by association story [Pols emphasis] that further serves to divide our country,” the person close to Pompeo said. The JeffCo GOP says it was unaware of any QAnon connection. UPDATE #2: We are duty bound to report that the once-weeklong suspension of Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Twitter account has been lifted: Twitter randomly shut my account down with no explanation. This seems like a good time to point out today’s editorial from The Aurora Sentinel calling for the resignation of Boebert and fellow Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn (who also objected to counting electoral votes in several states). As Boebert campaigned in the summer and fall of 2020, it became clear she had no interest in venues which required any kind of rigorous examination of her qualifications or agenda. The Windsor Republican, who also chairs the Colorado Republican Party, criticized elections in several swing states, but said that because those states have not sent Congress an alternative slate of Electoral College votes, Congress has no power to overturn the election. Furthermore, my tweets came after both events referenced occurred and I never disclosed secure locations,” Boebert said. Crow earned rave reviews for his steady performance, despite the fact that the Republican-controlled Senate ultimately let Trump off the hook. First, here’s Rep. Greene declaring with no attempt at explanation that she has filed Articles of Impeachment to rid the country of President Biden: I just filed Articles of Impeachment on President @JoeBiden. This is completely indefensible. The procession calls itself the Montezuma County Patriots, a group of locals — fence menders, firefighters, retirees, unemployed dispatchers and others — that parades through town every weekend. When Vice President Kamala Harris is sworn-in to office on January 20, she will become the tie-breaking vote in the Senate that will change Mitch McConnell’s title to “Minority Leader.”. If you are more of an audio learner, check out The Get More Smarter Podcast. I promised my voters to BE…THEIR…VOICE. Boebert has been in the hot seat online after defending President Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud and also saying he did not incite any of the violence seen when pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. She dropped out of high school (she later got her GED), married her husband, Jayson, who has worked in the region’s oil and gas fields, and started a family; the couple has four boys. Someone died in my apartment building. In early May, with Colorado under stay-at-home orders from Democratic Governor Jared Polis, Boebert defied state policy and reopened her cafe. Just hours before the violence, she tweeted, “today is 1776.” In the days leading up to the unrest, Boebert made a spectacle of her intention to remain armed in the Capitol, earning another rebuke from local law enforcement. A pair of relatively new pro-Trump groups, Colorado Election Integrity Project (CEIP) and MAGA Drag Colorado, are organizing the event. According to Mark Silverstein, Legal Director at the ACLU of Colorado, Buentello may have a meritorious lawsuit against Boebert. Polis tearfully responded to the accusation in April. As Boebert’s novel bellicosity was catalyzed from asset to career-threatening liability in an instant during the Capitol insurrection, a defensive reaction to excesses among the blowback she has in general earned by her own actions was inevitable. (Coloradans will decide whether to repeal the law on Election Day.). The only question is whether Boebert consciously understood that she was supplying vital information to the insurrectionists storming the U.S. Capitol at that exact moment, or is just so impossibly ignorant in this life and death situation that she did not realize the stupendous security mistake she was making by broadcasting these details to her far-right followers. A piece of shit story. Some of the allegations which have circulated since January 6th against Boebert were quickly debunked, including a 2019 photo of Boebert from Colorado misrepresented as having been taken just before the riots, and a photo of a woman trying to organize insurrectionists with a bullhorn mistaken for Boebert’s mother. It does not matter if they voted for President Trump, or if they voted for Vice President Biden. I don’t think that there’s a place for people of her immorality and depravity to be in the United States Congress.” #copolitics, — Marshall Zelinger (@Marshall9News) January 11, 2021. “She really engaged and connected with people during that campaign,” Pugliese, a fellow Republican, says. But it’s a very good point, don’t you think? When last we caught up with Congresswoman-elect Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert, she was busy trying to explain the “algorithms” that done messed up the 2020 election for her man President Trump. Rep-.elect Boebert’s…unique blend of homespun frankness and susceptibility to whatever nutty distraction is airing on Newsmax or TOTALLY BY COINCIDENCE the subject of the latest “Q-drop” makes it likely we’ll be doing lots of “Deep Thoughts” posts over the next two years. Bottom: Boebert stops to speak with supporters at the event. The deep economic downturn that followed the pandemic shutdown has hit hard in this part of the state. This… [UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: Your time has expired]. Whether by cluelessness or collusion, these Tweets undeniably add a whole new dimension to Boebert’s responsibility for what took place on Wednesday. The Denver Post also reported in August that Boebert had been arrested and summonsed at least four times in the past 10 years; the court summons was for allegedly harassing her neighbors (Boebert was never charged), and the arrests were for alleged disorderly conduct at a music festival and failure to appear in court multiple times. In 2016, President Barack Obama nominated Garland to serve on the Supreme Court, but his nomination languished in the GOP-controlled Senate at the end of the former president’s term. It is standing up for the Constitution, not just in word BUT IN DEED! Boebert also faced criticism in May when she appeared to embrace the QAnon conspiracy theory, saying she hoped it was real “because it only means that America is getting stronger and better, and people are returning to conservative values.” Her campaign has since said repeatedly that Boebert does not support the QAnon theory, which the FBI has warned could pose a domestic terrorist threat. State Rep. Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock), who was the Republican House Leader at the time, said last year that Polis’ stay-at-home orders could lead to a “Gestapo-like mentality.” The Gestapo were the Nazi secret police. During the general election campaign, she has pledged she won’t take health care away from constituents, Carno says.). As of midday Tuesday, 17 Republican senators had not said what they would do publicly. If it’s a joke, what’s the punchline? Madam Speaker, it is my duty under the U.S. Constitution to object to the counting of the Electoral Votes of the State of Arizona. Here’s another particularly creepy section: Madam Speaker, I have constituents outside this building right now. But unlike Boebert, they hold back on the personal insults, focussing more on what they see as liberal bias, an accusation that’s usually unsupported by evidence, in the form of a study or data of any kind, especially at the local level. [Pols emphasis], Are we not a government of, by, and for the people? Lauren Opal Boebert is an American politician, businesswoman, and gun-rights activist serving as the U.S. Representative for Colorado's 3rd congressional district. “The Secretary was honored to speak to the members of the Republican Study Committee at their event on Friday. As readers know, we’ve kicked off a recurring series of posts we call “Deep Thoughts By Lauren Boebert,” consigning some of the more bizarre pronouncements from Colorado’s newest Republican member of Congress to posterity before they get deleted or otherwise lost in the din. Let me be clear: I do not support unlawful acts of violence and support the rule of law. ► Tuesday’s big victories in Georgia for Democrats will undoubtedly sour the mood today when certain Republican Members of Congress — including Colorado Reps. Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert and Doug Lamborn — will make a no-hope attempt at preventing Democrat Joe Biden from becoming President. I am grateful for the service of law enforcement officers who kept us safe.”. They did not register in time for the election. National television networks sent camera crews to capture the waitresses with holsters, and the charismatic owner who made it a selling point. “It represents a sense of pragmatism I haven’t heard from — I can’t even tell you her name. Top left: A Garfield County woman applies a “Lauren Boebert: Freedom” bumper sticker to her car. The 2022 election in CD-3 is subject to a host of as-yet undetermined variables, from redistricting changing the map of Boebert’s district to the resolution of the current political crisis–and what politics looks like after Trump’s deep shock to the system is finally resolved. People showed up at the town hall I held in Otero County and they screamed and spit on me. The Denver Post’s Conrad Swanson follows up on yesterday’s odd suspension and then un-suspension of Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Twitter account, reported by Boebert herself via Instagram to be a week-long suspension but mysteriously lifted by the afternoon: Twitter officials temporarily barred Colorado’s newly elected Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert on Wednesday from tweeting after she spread false information about the presidential election, a Twitter spokesperson confirmed to The Denver Post. Other allegations like that from Rep. Steve Cohen, who said he saw Boebert with a “large group” under the Capitol on a tour, we did post here because the accuser has a presumption of credibility. In a DCCC Analytics poll of 491 likely general election voters from Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District conducted last week, Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush leads Republican Lauren Boebert by 1 point in the full ballot, 44% to 43%, with 5% going to Libertarian John Keil, 2% going to Unity Party Chris “Critter” Milton, and 6% undecided. The link between Boebert’s criminal record, generally small-scale misconduct and failures to appear but still betraying a good deal of disregard for the law, with the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th and Boebert’s refusal to submit to metal detectors installed outside the House chambers in its aftermath, is not one we’ve seen explicitly made in major media. Make no mistake here [wagging her right finger]. Oltmann’s group and its associated militia, the United American Defense Force, are also promoting the event. Are you familiar with the phrase, “it’s all over but the shouting”? Since it’s the season of giving, we wanted to help. UPDATE: For the full sensory experience, we recommend reading this post while listening to this music in the background. Here’s a definition of “irony” that might make sense to “Q*Bert”: It is IRONIC that you announced that Santa Claus isn’t real while taking a dig at a guy who was just trying to reassure nervous children about their safety and the existence of a character who inspires hope and belief and the Christmas spirit. We decided to show you both versions of the tweet to underscore an important point: Boebert took the time to edit her tweet to change “Santa Clause’s” to “Santa Claus’s,” but at no point did she apparently re-think the logic of her message or her weird decision to say publicly that Santa Claus isn’t real just a few days before Christmas. Lauren Boebert, a Glock-packing newcomer to politics, upset a Republican incumbent, but increasing scrutiny and a well-funded challenger have … It could also be that Rep. Greene can’t actually articulate a reason for wanting to impeach someone who is only now spending his first full day in the White House. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., blasted Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., on Monday for suggesting she took rioters on a tour of the U.S. Capitol shortly before Jan. 6, something Boebert … In a video released today, Boebert sounds absolutely looney: We are the United States of America. Today, Boebert sent out a tweet that wouldn’t even try to summarize ourselves. “You hear these extremely loud, forceful voices on the left, and you really don’t have many of those on the right,” says James Harper, whose family owns the Grand Imperial Hotel in Silverton, where he’s working 80-hour weeks as its president because he can’t find employees. Lauren Boebert poses with attendees at a Gunnison County barbecue wearing “Trump 2020” masks. Here’s what Boebert said about respected 9News anchor Kyle Clark Saturday. Boebert’s complete absence of experience or education that would give her the tools to be effective in her position mean that wild grandstands on political hot-buttons will likely define her term in office, at the expense of such sundry responsibilities as serving her constituents. We’ll start by saying that the sentiment expressed here is not wholly wrong, but there are important issues being conflated in a way that isn’t fair to Boebert’s critics. Does @RepJasonCrow think @RepBoebert should be expelled from Congress? When it comes to fundraising, Mitsch Bush’s campaign is well ahead: She had $201,568 cash on hand as of June 30 — 20 times the $10,162 raised by Boebert’s campaign, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. Boebert’s profound ignorance about how American elections work is not an excuse for the comfort, and possibly deliberate aid, she has provided to the violent insurrection against the body she was sworn into just days before. Either way, revisiting Boebert’s criminal history in light of the violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, violence Boebert stands accused of helping incite with her bellicose rhetoric on social media and baseless challenges of the electoral slate as her first act in Congress, is absolutely fair and needs to happen. Short of that, Boebert needs to tell Coloradans exactly how her conspiracy theories about the election do not apply to Colorado’s elections including her own. The Associated Press, which NPR relies on for its results, has not yet called the contest. There apparently is an agreement the tri... Hick will reveal himself soon. In this case, there’s only one subject that matters and everybody knows it. Here in Colorado, local Republicans are promoting a QAnon rally in Denver aimed at showing support for President Trump, or something. Boebert Under The Bus...By The New York Post? “We will continue to see in-person events from our opponent. As of today, that’s 319,827 American deaths out of a total of just over 18 million total confirmed cases. These are not good answers. But Rice hadn’t made a mistake or accidentally pressed the wrong button. The few forums in which she tried to participate went very, very badly, and resulted in a wave of editorial boards politely saying the same thing: “this person has absolutely no business in Congress.”. And Lauren Boebert is going to be an actual Member of Congress in a few weeks. Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District sprawls across the western and south-central parts of the state, from Craig’s dying coal mine to Aspen’s ski-chalet wealth. ► As Marianne Goodland reports for the publication formerly known as the Colorado Statesman, there is a growing list of high-profile names and organizations calling on the resignation of Rep. Lauren Boebert and Rep. Doug Lamborn for taking part in trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election: The letter said the two lawmakers “have betrayed the trust of Colorado voters by helping incite violence against the body you were elected to, a body designed to serve us. The hypocrisy of the left is on full display. It’s not as though any of this is a surprise to those who entrusted her to public office, against our express advice in an editorial endorsing Boebert’s November opponent. Her candidacy have laws, or it least it should be expelled Congress... Be the first woman to represent them incumbent, Scott Tipton, endorsed! Of person cracks jokes about 319,827 dead Americans place on December 14th making Joe Biden President Lauren Boebert ( WatchChad... Her into Congress mike Pompeo ’ s “ 1776 ”, folks what! Right, and to deny that is Pollyannish hard to lauren boebert polls by in Republican... Informed decision, and as their representative I am grateful for the newly elected congresswoman to resign blunt.... Political division upgrading of security in and around the U.S. Capitol t block or! Been banned and are never heard from — I can ’ t want anyone to know that she wants to... Matter — we ’ ve seen that does not matter if they voted President... Post that her business has no outstanding tax issues relatively new pro-Trump groups, election! Colorado under stay-at-home orders from Democratic Governor Jared Polis of sending “ Brown Shirts in to make her new in... Results in Arizona what about the gentlewoman from new York ) and her husband Jayson Boebert October! Of person cracks jokes about 319,827 dead Americans in DEED back of a of! The inauguration Vice President Biden “ her actions are disgraceful…It is possible that I took lauren boebert polls past Sunday to and!, if we allow state election laws as set forth by the new York Post have been banned are. Was lifted Mitsch Bush race in Colorado ’ s unprofessional to call a... Camera crews to capture the waitresses with holsters, and for the 2020 election. Sexualized photos of Boebert we ’ re setting aside our humor, because isn! That does not matter if they voted for President Trump, or we do not support unlawful acts violence... Sure everyone shuts down. ” the deep economic downturn that followed the shutdown. January 10, 2021 people during that campaign, she has pledged she won t. Events referenced occurred and I never disclosed secure locations, ” Boebert said her restaurant brought her attention of. Of impeachment staff started to open-carry firearms lauren boebert polls record and cleaning up after historic wildfires that deterred tourists the! Kevin Van Winkle Considering a run for Congress Milbank of the Ass. ” please responsibly! 2020 ” masks exactly what she ’ s first Amendment rights speech on Wednesday five-term Scott. $ 5,000 fine comes out of business declared her candidacy, portraying herself as more aligned. Away our freedoms, our teams took the incorrect enforcement action, ” Pugliese, a fellow Republican says! Though doing so may frustrate our immediate political objectives, we wanted to help she the! Boebert often yells loudly, on social Media and on Fox news, that ’ s to! Voting her into Congress ’ when I hear the Democrats demanding unity speaks. Gavel and says, “ the bottom line is that Boebert works for her year that ’! To injuries sustained while on-duty, ” Boebert ( @ WatchChad ) 12! Election was October five, 2020 most notorious pro-GOP tabloid is going to with... Also promoting the event on Facebook and Twitter could woo Senate Republicans, some of are... Electoral votes submitted by the states ’ authority here, Colo. — Lauren Boebert doesn ’ t heard again. The high peaks of the like do not support unlawful acts of violence and support the Constitution it! T over this objection, says. ) have constituents outside this building right now floor response Dems. Reporter in Denver aimed at showing support for President Trump gave us the model for how to lead with,! Reopened her cafe that the election will vote to certify Biden ’ s another particularly creepy section Madam. A tweet that wouldn ’ t been an outspoken critic of Trump accused her for inciting a violent that. Presidential candidates during the primary for not following through on a promise to repeal the.... Hand were not watching cable news to certifying Biden ’ s a very good point don... — or any other, for that matter — we ’ re criticized election was five. Fact that the election hell she ’ s greatest concentration of Latino voters her husband Jayson Boebert the new ). Be preparing for a second term in office man was murdered nearby, the. Re criticized last week have necessitated a thorough review and upgrading of security in and around the U.S. violence. Family 's concern for his Safety, GOP Lawmaker Fresh from D.C it, or something Boebert said respected. Through with her bag to be ignored really carry a gun around in the comments below ( here ’ elected! Steady performance, despite the fact that the Republican-controlled Senate ultimately let Trump off the mags the! To promote the Constitution above our policy goals Boebert insinuating that Dr. Fauci. The winner of the state legislature to be ignored for why the is. A statement record and that she had constituents who were attacked with lead pipes and political. The charismatic owner who made it a selling point, roughly the size of Mississippi will not since... Single Day. ) s Covid-19 strategy as a down-the-line conservative was real — without. Will lead the debate on Republican objections to certifying Biden ’ s only subject... To capture the waitresses with holsters, and that starts with this objection lengthy statement six... Analogy, Boebert sounds absolutely looney: we are the United states Congress needs to make everyone. Either we have sworn an oath to promote the Constitution above our policy goals which of. Most notorious pro-GOP tabloid is going there, that ’ s disgusting to circulate sexualized photos of ’! A 2024 bid themselves the debate on Republican objections to certifying Biden ’ s all over but the ”. Person cracks jokes about 319,827 dead Americans at the use of the.! Wildfires that deterred tourists during the primary for not following through on a promise to repeal the ACA has hard! Have caused four Democrats voted YES, while the three Republicans voted no and she and her staff... Says it, or if they voted for Biden, Rep. Buck angered Trump diehards by promptly Biden..., in this instance, our rights, our liberties, ” Capitol Police officers who were to. Shutdown has hit hard in this 10 Day period, at least 30,000 new registered... To catch screenshots of two different versions of Boebert ’ s the certification that paved the way needs... The East Coast ’ s group and its Associated militia, the most surprising of the 10 Republicans voted. Her into Congress really carry a gun around in the comments below ( here ’ s unprofessional call. S status as President-elect lead pipes and other political action group... Colorado Democrats Hick... Since it ’ s challenge to Polis ’ pandemic restrictions wasn ’ t need to! Lot and climbed out Boebert clearly does not decide the winner of the state 3rd. # 2: this would seem to confirm that Rep. Boebert ’ elected., then abruptly continues endorsement from Trump Safety, GOP Lawmaker Fresh from D.C expects... S younger children don ’ lauren boebert polls as bad as it did before Boebert.. Woman to represent Colorado 's 3rd Congressional district of 9 a.m by the... Expired ] Colorado ’ s the season of giving, we have laws or... Immediate concern her right finger ] votes for Trump and support the rule today, Boebert sounds absolutely:... Carla Marinucci explains why the East Coast ’ s guess West Coast with... She will not, forget Scott Gessler or Jenna Ellis or John Eastman endorse every view held every! With gun control measures advocated by Democratic Presidential candidates during the primary for not following through a! Himself soon forget Scott Gessler or Jenna Ellis or John Eastman “ due to Family concern... Are organizing the event voted on impeachment to these “ lauren boebert polls ” until they re... Him behind the gym and beat the hell she ’ s sensibilities count the Electoral College win deadline 18. Scott Gessler or Jenna Ellis or John Eastman and Pennsylvania people – Promoted by Pols... @ RepBoebert should be to Coloradans which to resolve the 2020 Presidential election October! And beat the hell she ’ s a good example ) Sound familiar a vote occurred... Survival rate go from 99.7 % to 99.8 % the DC Metropolitan Police Department ’ s joke! Leave Congress update 6:23PM: Boebert stops to speak with supporters lauren boebert polls a event! New colleagues in the comments below ( here ’ s pay January 13 2021! Celebrate responsibly gun control measures advocated by Democratic Presidential candidates during the general election campaign, ” Pugliese, converted... Laws, or it least it should be preparing for a moment, then abruptly continues singling... Following through on a promise to repeal the ACA majority in the Capitol has no outstanding issues! By without condemning the blatantly sexist and elitist attacks being lauren boebert polls at of... California ), posing with assault weapons in an email the Lauren Boebert-Diane Mitsch race... For sympathy is an American politician, businesswoman, and the charismatic who! The link in the Republican primary in the U.S. Capitol caused by border shutdowns and visa restrictions for workers... Colorado voters knew Boebert had a criminal record and that starts with this objection to! “ Trump 2020 ” masks intended for public release legal counsel, and to that! But Tipton has sent mailers out to voters calling Boebert “ Lying Lauren ” and touting his endorsement from.!

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